1. Strength advantage 

Enterprise specializing in brand strength 
Jinhua company was founded twenty years has been focused on embroidery, from the products of independent research and development, production, processing, marketing, service and other integrated business model, over the years become evergreens fabric industry! The company has been named "the most promising sector cloth brand", "Guangdong, one of the top ten brands" Honor!

2 product advantage 
High ratio of performance to price strong continuity 
A, the independent innovation products R & D, in the history of textile fabric Exhibition Award "new product pattern design Gold Award", "best supporting curtain design award", "outstanding new product award" etc.; 
B, the product price high, the Jinhua company for the production-oriented enterprises, dyeing from raw material selection, production process, color, finishing and other high quality investment, be reasonable market price, won the majority of customers! 
C, the product strong continuity, strong product development team, following the international trend and the trend, a clear development orientation, in each release the new flower type, color, technology, innovation, practical aspects were maintained certain promotion.

3 packaging advantages 
Details of packing and strong practicability 
A, the company has product packaging professional design team; awarded the cloth art association awarded the "best booth exhibition design award", "best creative design award"; 
B, pay attention to the details of packing, the design concept and product sales combined; 
C, a professional production of finished products, solve the customer product packaging processing problem;

4 location advantage 
Embroidery embroidery culture atmosphere 
1, site design, site construction, product display, display, advertising planning and other professional services. 
2, with the understanding of the embroidery culture for many years, to create high-end embroidery culture! 
3, to lead the market trend, continuous innovation to improve the fusion of various style elements;

5. Overall package 
Overall package exclusive benefits 
a, well-designed, unique embroidery overall matching furniture, soft bag, screens, decorative painting from the level improved significantly; 
b, all ancillary products as the core principles are the perfect embodiment Products atmosphere without distracting; 
c, in the true sense of the overall package, increasing space utilization, increase revenue projects; 
d, the overall package of solutions and products are available only to franchisees to ensure its exclusive franchisee brings huge benefits and added value;

6. Service Advantage 
Core services to enhance competitiveness 
a, providing industry information, store location assistance, professional design personnel on-site decoration, cloth-site field service professional designer cloth field, picking the best solution supports unified VI image support, brand awareness programs display terminal ; 
c, in addition to sales team, but also setting up customer service centers, sales and product design department processing department, a complete and effective customer service system. 

7. Training and supervision 
Weiwo easy transport domain management 
a, with retail management methods to strengthen the understanding of the product and the use of training; 
b, professional market dynamics predicted franchisees provide more accurate business direction; 
c, retail management, operations, inventory management, sales team supervisors; 

8. Embroidery cultural understanding and high-yield advantage 
Embroidery efficient high output 
1, the current high-end embroidery in the fabric industry to bring high-yield, we all know, but it certainly depends on high-yield high-end embroidery understanding; 
2, the inheritance of embroidery cultural understanding, grasp sales, methods and techniques to obtain a reasonably high return.