Superb Embroidery- Jinhua the company's core brand, one of the top ten brand of Chinese fabric; since the company since its establishment, has a strong product development team, following the international trend and the trend, a clear development orientation, issued in the previous new flower type, color, technology, innovation, practical aspects to maintain a certain lifting; mature store space design and construction supervision, store display team, the spirit of embroidery cultural understanding, uphold the essence of traditional Chinese embroidery, with exquisite modern technology, to create a high taste embroidery atmosphere, leading the domestic market trend; at present in the image of the store, shop retail stores more than 100, terminal retailers close to more than 2000. To build up a huge marketing network. Maximum support from all aspects of the brand concept, advertising, technical support, product positioning, system training, efficient management of market positioning, point of sale and reasonable market protection ensured the retailers and the interests of consumers. 
 Superb Embroidery to forge ahead, adhere to the innovative service belief; to sincere hope for success, and the majority of businesses to create a win-win situation!

Vicass Brand Profile 
Vicass - created in 2008, after the style of modern luxury to create a different kind of fashion embroidery style, fashion trends and into the fabric of life in which, through the perfect integration of art design to create a classic post-modern fashion. Since the brand created, with excellent quality, perfect service, much like the majority of consumers, "Vikas" rapidly became the focus of a new era of cloth.

Yong Xiuting brand Profile 
Yong Xiuting -- Volkswagen brand leader! Immediate from the consumer's needs, set the strength of the advantages, from the style positioning, product production process, price, brand since market leap beyond the expected effect, the Jinhua company is also the strength of the witness; household products including curtains, engineering cloth, sand release, soft decoration has opened a new the development road of Jinhua company, with superb technology, credible quality in every month to launch new products, constantly supplement and meet the needs of consumers! 

JHS brand Profile
JHS is a Jinhua company set up in 2013 fourth big brands, rely on the curtain cloth, inheritance ten years garment and embroidery craft and collage processing technology, combined with the four famous embroidery craft tradition, set "fine, fine, industry, special" four big characteristics applied to decorative craft curtain, in the industry's first. Curtain craft decoration has introduced different series, different style of the edge, to increase the process of curtain fabric, bedding, pillows and other finished products! At present, "JHS" launched a total of six big style series of about more than 200 products, to meet the new needs of the market, to create a new curtain accessories cloth industry, strong product development team, closely follow the international trend trend, in line with the embroidery cultural understanding, building high quality embroidery atmosphere, leading the domestic market trends!