Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Jinhua Textile Industrial Company referred to as "Jinhua Company", the National Federation of China Textile Industry Association; Guangdong Household Textile Industry Association executive director units; Zhangcha Foshan City, Guangdong Province Chamber of Commerce vice president of the unit; Guangdong Textile Vocational Technical School practice bases;

Jinhua company was founded in 1989, after 20 years of steady development, focus on embroidery field, is the only one from the independent research and development, embroidery equipment production to the curtain cloth, sand release, engineering cloth, bedding, neo classical furniture, craft ornaments, lighting and other all-round realizing overall Home Furnishing industrial companies, products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, South Korea, Malaysia and dozens of countries, the domestic market has "one stitch allure", "Vikas", "Yong Xiuting" three brand strategic direction, meet the demand of the market from different levels of consumption, with strong R & D strength, leading the industry coquettish. The company in line with careful design, careful selection of materials, the principle of quality service, modern production management, excellent sales elite team, with excellent quality, value for money price, perfect service is highly recommended clients. Jinhua company constantly to inherit Chinese embroidery culture, to revive the textile industry has been appointed, to build China's famous home textile enterprises, the existing staff of 600 people, the factory covers an area of 10 acres, has advanced embroidery equipment more than 300 Taiwan, the scale is continually expanding.